tax rate

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Tax rate

The percentage of tax paid for different levels of income.

Tax Rate

A percentage of one's income that one must pay in taxes. Tax rates vary according to incomes. That is, one who makes $100,000 per year usually has a higher tax rate than one who makes $25,000. See also: Marginal tax rate, Average tax rate.

tax rate

The proportional amount of taxes paid on a given income or the given dollar value of an asset. If the tax is calculated on the basis of total income, it is the average tax rate. If the tax is calculated only on extra units of income, the rate is the marginal tax rate.

tax rate

the percentage rate at which a TAX is levied on income or expenditure. Tax rates are varied by government on social grounds (to redistribute income) and, as part of FISCAL POLICY, to increase or decrease spending.

tax rate

The percentage used to calculate various taxes.

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Still, overall, credit unions continue to offer lower rates on new, five-year auto loans, with the average rate being 3.
The analysis found average rates on the top 10 unsecured personal loans of pounds 5,000-plus dropped, after hitting record highs in the first half of 2010.
For the City, the acceleration was due to the home health care industry (a component of ambulatory care), which increased employment at an average rate of 3.
Such withdrawals will however attract tax at an average rate.
The average rate dropped only $42 from the rate four years ago.
Due to the very strong performance of the Manhattan lodging market in 2005, all four segments showed positive growth in terms of occupancy and double-digit growth in average rate, resulting in RevPAR growth of over 20% for all four segments.
Blue indicates slow, yellow is average, and red shows maximum velocity--which in this case is 260 mm/sec, or over four times the average rate of about 58 mm/sec.
8% average rate hike in 2003 will surely need to be revised upward.
will slash its average rate by 18 yen and Chubu Electric Power Co.
The survey reports that occupancy fell slightly in "1999 and increases in average rate slowed, yet the New York City hotel market had another record year with RevPAR increasing by 4.
BR is expected to increase by 4% over the term from 529 in 1995 to 553 in the year 2000 for an annual average rate near 1%.

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