average revenue

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Average Revenue

The total revenue a company or project collects from sales divided by the number of units sold over a period of time.
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Fig. 12 Average revenue. The demand curve or average revenue curve.

average revenue

the total revenue received (price X number of units sold) divided by the number of units. Price and average revenue are in fact equal: i.e. in Fig. 12, the price £10 = average revenue (£10 X 10 ÷ 10) = £10. It follows that the DEMAND CURVE is also the average revenue curve facing the firm.
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Adding deconstruction to a reuse facility operation can add net revenue potential evidenced by higher average revenues for the combined firms.
The difference is average revenues, which in the United States fall between US$50 and $60 per subscriber, while in Latin America the number averages $15.
The restaurants purchased by NDI have average revenues of $1.
During 9 months at Ralphs, utilizing only 8 slots per kiosk, local area merchant advertising generated average revenues per store of $898 a month.
For the quarter, Sprint Nextel expects to report average revenues per customer above competitor levels, driven by steady voice usage and growth of wireless data on CDMA.
Jenny Craig said that average revenues of the remainder of the company-owned Centres experienced a much smaller decline, approximately 5 percent.
With the acquisition of Timeheart, proforma monthly average revenues from September to November 2006 would have been $2.
Average revenues per user (ARPUs) continued their recent declines in the quarter, although operational expenditure (OPEX) tracked below this, fuelling Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) increases near the 30 percent level.
Competitive pressure saw average revenues weaken in 2005 with churn creeping up.
With average revenues per user among the lowest in the world, and increasing pressure from falling tariffs, mobile operators need to drive greater revenues from mobile data services that currently account for approximately 7% of services revenue.
Average revenues stand at under $8 per month in 2006, lower than the global average at $21.
At every level we met or exceeded our target objectives with across-the-board increases in visitors, customers, renewals, and average revenues.

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