average revenue

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Average Revenue

The total revenue a company or project collects from sales divided by the number of units sold over a period of time.
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Fig. 12 Average revenue. The demand curve or average revenue curve.

average revenue

the total revenue received (price X number of units sold) divided by the number of units. Price and average revenue are in fact equal: i.e. in Fig. 12, the price £10 = average revenue (£10 X 10 ÷ 10) = £10. It follows that the DEMAND CURVE is also the average revenue curve facing the firm.
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According to previous statements by Benyamin, the average revenues of the ministry of the sale of tickets to archaeological sites on the national level ranged between EGP 21-22m per month, which adds up to EGP 110m between January and May 2016.
The average revenues from mobile telecommunications per each subscriber increased to RO8.6 per month compared to RO8.3 per month in 2014; a marginal growth by 3.5%.
The group said its average revenues were five times higher for each customer on a contract, but it still saw revenues decline 1.9 per cent to PS6.7billion as it suffered from the impact of regulatory cuts, including roaming charges.
Investors took heart from figures showing that average revenues per available room outperformed the rest of the market.
Last year, average revenues per customer slipped from pounds 263 a year to pounds 257 a year, after a drop in the number of lucrative contract customers - leading to a decline in margins.
Adding deconstruction to a reuse facility operation can add net revenue potential evidenced by higher average revenues for the combined firms.
Available data suggest that incumbents' list prices and average revenues for dedicated access services have decreased since 2001, resulting from price decreases due to regulation and contract discounts.
The Company anticipates an average capitalization rate (average revenues over the remaining term of the leases less operating expenses divided by the gross purchase price) of approximately 7% before transaction expenses based on the projected cash flows.
Privately held Planitax, founded in 1999, claims some 30 corporate customers with average revenues of $2 billion to $5 billion.
O2's 12-month average revenues per user (ARPU) are reported to have fallen in the UK from GBP273 in the previous quarter to GBP271 and in Germany from EUR363 to EUR356.
Now the three carriers that control 80% of the market--Spain's Telefonica, Mexico's America Movil and Italy's Telecom Italia Mobile--are honing their strategies to increase penetration while they update their networks to provide more data services, all aimed at increasing average revenues per user, an industry benchmark.

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