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Tenders are invited for Provide commercial property insurance, commercial general liability insurance, automobile liability insurance, automobile physical damage insurance, inland marine coverage, public officials errors and omissions liability, crime insurance, law enforcement, epli, flood, earthquake, boiler and machinery insurance and workers compensation.
The proposed rule should reduce costs to insurers overall for the administration, processing of paperwork, operations and underwriting of automobile physical damage insurance. These savings ultimately should be passed on to consumers.
The traditional division of automobile physical damage insurance into collision and comprehensive is maintained in the personal auto policy, but without any mention of the word "comprehensive." If "other than collision loss" coverage is indicated in the declarations of a personal auto policy, any damage to the covered auto besides collision is covered on an open perils basis--subject to any deductible listed in the declarations, to the insuring agreement's stipulation that damage be "direct and accidental" and, of course, to any applicable exclusions.
Along the way the Company has developed several innovative products for the marketplace including for-hire vehicle physical damage insurance, private passenger automobile physical damage insurance and in 2009, a standalone policy providing canine legal liability insurance.

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