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Car Insurance

An insurance policy providing coverage for damage caused to one's car, the damage the car itself causes, and/or its theft. One pays premiums to the car insurance company in exchange for this coverage. The amount of the premium is determined by the relative danger that the car and driver pose. For example, a sports car will likely command a higher premium than a sedan, and a young driver almost always pay more than an older driver. All U.S. states require drivers to have some form of car insurance.

Car insurance.

Car insurance covers theft of and damage to your car or damage that your car causes, plus liability protection in case you are sued as a result of an accident. Your state may require proof of insurance before you can register your car.

As a car owner, you pay premiums set by the insurance company based on the value of your car and the risk the company believes you pose. The insurance company agrees to cover your losses, subject to a deductible and the limits specified in the contract.

Some states have insurance pools that allow car owners who have been turned down elsewhere to obtain coverage.

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Contrary to the suggestion in advertisements on radio and television, everybody has the same basic automobile insurance policy.
Following this recovery, Brian Cunha & Associates pursued a claim for additional compensation for its client under the Underinsured Motorist provisions in her own automobile insurance policy.
Gomez once again recognized QuickenInsurance for the company's unique ability to provide consumers with the tools and information to actually complete an automobile insurance policy purchase online from not one, but multiple insurance providers.
If these bills pass, the cost of paying for damage to a rental car will be charged to the consumer's automobile insurance policy causing policyholders to be faced with higher insurance premiums to cover this cost-shifting.
a New York Stock Exchange Company, is a full service provider of automobile insurance policy processing and administrative services to the insurance industry.
The driver's full-coverage automobile insurance policy (liability, comprehensive, and collision), must have been issued by a foreign insurance company and it must be in effect for at least two months from the date of entrance into Mexico.
The brochure describes the types of coverages available under an automobile insurance policy and explains that many states require drivers to carry a basic, minimum level of coverage.
com follows three important principles: 1) Simplicity -- providing the consumer with an easy-to-use, yet powerful, rate engine to do all the work consumers don't have time for; 2) Value-offering the choice to research and purchase an automobile insurance policy that fits the user's needs, car and budget; and 3) Complete service-bringing together a network of preferred agents committed to lowestpremium.
The 15 percent discount will be available to all policyholders who choose to buy the newly approved Premier PIP and MedPay endorsements to the standard automobile insurance policy.
Infinity policyholders needing to report a claim or ask a question about their automobile insurance policy may call Infinity's claims department at (800) 334-1661.
com/Pennsylvania for more information on State specific coverage requirements, to obtain a hassle free rate comparison and to sharpen their general knowledge about the personal automobile insurance policy.

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