automatic withdrawal

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Automatic withdrawal

A mutual fund that gives shareholders the right to receive a fixed payment from dividends on a quarterly or monthly basis.

Automatic Withdrawal

A mutual fund that gives a certain, stated amount to each shareholder every month or quarter. For example, an automatic withdrawal fund could be structured to give shareholders one dollar per share per month. The money theoretically comes from dividends or coupons, but if there is not enough income to cover the withdrawal, the fund's managers must liquidate some securities to cover the obligation.

automatic withdrawal

A feature of some mutual funds that allows a shareholder to specify that the fund remit fixed payments at periodic intervals. The payments are composed of dividends, interest, and capital gains received by the fund, and, if these are insufficient, liquidation of some shares owned by the shareholder.
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Prior to leaving, do a quick accounting of the deposits and automatic withdrawals that will occur while you are away to make sure that your account balance does not go negative.
Several local banks offer customers the ability to pay utility bills through automatic withdrawals, it was reported.
The site runs on donations and leads members through an intentionally confusing process that makes people think they are refusing monthly automatic withdrawals when they are actually making donations.
For example, when a customer who visits a branch mentions she is working toward buying a home, bank employees could offer services that can help her meet that goal, such as setting up automatic withdrawals into a savings account to save for a down payment or meeting with a mortgage specialist to discuss loan options.
As spelled out in this issue's feature "Why You Must Always Invest in Stocks," you can start investing in the stock market with as little as $25 through an account that's funded by automatic withdrawals. I always advise people to take full advantage of building their nest egg by participating in employer-sponsored retirement plans such as 401(k)s and 403(b)s.
If customers have direct deposit of, for example, their paychecks or automatic withdrawals for payments, such as utility bills, these will be transferred to their new account at Home Federal.
The new rule doesn't apply to bounced checks or automatic withdrawals.
We offer STAFFORD and PLUS loan programs that reward borrowers for automatic withdrawals and consecutive on-time payments.
Also earlier this month, Resona group banks double-billed more than 2,000 electronic and other accounts, mainly of corporate customers, in automatic withdrawals for paying bills.
A plan with more achievable targets and a disciplined approach to reaching them, such as automatic withdrawals, is more likely to work.
We offer STAFFORD and PLUS loan programs that rewards borrowers for automatic withdrawals and consecutive on-time payments.
"I invest $75 a month (or $25 each) into the mutual funds through automatic withdrawals from my checking account, and a little more than $100 into the money market account," says Henry.

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