Automatic Data Processing

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Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

A private company that acts as an intermediary to perform proxy services for several banks and brokers. Distributes proxy material to beneficial owners, tabulates the returned proxies, and provides the Corporation or its tabulator compiled reports of the tabulation results. ADP also distributes quarterly reports and other corporate information to the beneficial owners.
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Automatic Data Processing

A publicly-traded company that provides computing and outsourcing services. Primarily, it processes clients' payrolls, but it also provides services related to insurance, retirement accounts, and other services. One in every six Americans has his/her paycheck processed by ADP.
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The firm provides network services--from mainframes to desktop PCs--including automatic data processing, office automation, systems and application programming and telecommunications.
91-59, relating to the basic record retention requirements where all or part of a taxpayer's accounting or financial records are maintained within an automatic data processing (ADP) system.
The company's solutions and technologies include core payroll, HR, performance management, recruiting, scheduling, absence management, time and labor management.Country: ChileSector: IT/Online ServicesTarget: Payroll SABuyer: Automatic Data Processing Inc (ADP)Type: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
ADP/Vantra, a division of Automatic Data Processing Inc's (NYSE:ADP) Brokerage Services Group, has announced that HybridTrading LLC, a brokerage firm, has deployed the VOLTS system from ADP/Vantra throughout the company.
MetLife Retirement and Savings recently turned to ADP Investor Communication Services, a division of Automatic Data Processing Inc., to create and produce on-demand print services for its 401(k) plan participant enrollment materials for small and mid-sized employers.
Arthur Elman (photo), senior vice president of real estate and facilities for Automatic Data Processing. Inc.
6001 requirements that apply to hardcopy books and records apply as well to machine-sensible books and records (i.e., data in an electronic format intended for use by a computer) and records maintained within an automatic data processing (ADP) system.
Weston, CEO, Automatic Data Processing, Roseland, N.J.
The Institute's Automatic Data Processing Committee sponsored sessions on the use of micro-computers, Visi Calc, Lotus, and other programs.
Further, Alemany serves on the boards of Automatic Data Processing Inc since 2011 and CIT Group since January 2014.
According to industry experts, a possible sale could lure private equity firms, Automatic Data Processing (NASDAQ:ADP), Reynolds and Reynolds Co, Dealertrack Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:TRAK), KAR Auction Services Inc (NYSE:KAR), The McGraw-Hill Companies Inca[euro](tm)s (NYSE:MHP) JD Power and Associates Inc, and Cox Enterprises Inc.
June employment data from Automatic Data Processing beat market expectations ahead of the release of the official jobs data later in the day, brokers said.

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