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The company offers checking, demand, savings, individual retirement, and certificates of deposits accounts; commercial, business, real estate, consumer, and mortgage loans; and credit cards, overdraft protection, online banking, wire transfer services, automatic bill payment and money order, safe deposit boxes, traveler's checks, and other banking services.
Customers are invited to visit any Batelco retail shop to specify the amount to be automatically paid every month and complete a form in order to set up the automatic bill payment service through their respective bank.
With automatic bill payment, which QNB says is the first of its kind in Qatar, customers will now have a "fantastic service" whereby bills will be paid automatically, without the need to worry about performing the transaction every month.
Customers who use electronic bill paying will get e-mail and other electronic alerts reminding to pay, and they will be able to go online and pay in a variety of ways, or set up automatic bill payment, Sproles said.
While the rate hike is steep, the Water Board also enacted a 2 percent discount for users who enroll in automatic bill payment.
I was told by the call center agent that she needed my credit card or checking account information for automatic bill payment every month.
These include on-demand banking statements, automatic bill payment and instant crediting of deposits --with or without a deposit envelope.
When clients recently told company employees that they wanted automatic bill payment service, Kalbrener quickly implemented the program.
New Free Checking account members are eligible to receive a USD 100 Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) gift card when they sign up and register for direct deposit or automatic bill payment. The branch will also offer mortgages, home equity loans and a full range of commercial loans and business accounts and services.
With a combined annual salary of $110,000, they opened a joint savings and a checking account in April and enrolled in online banking with an automatic bill payment option.
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