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BMW AG (Xetra: BMW), a Germany-based automaker, is presently looking for one more major automaker to join its autonomous technology alliance with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Intel and auto industry suppliers.
By suspending higher fines that automakers must pay for cheating on fuel economy standards, Donald Trump is basically telling deceiving automakers you dont have to pay the pricey ticket, you can go to traffic school.
Japanese automakers sold 5,985 cars at a value of EGP 1.
They will have a brand presence and will be competing against Japanese automakers, who have a 50-year lead and the South Koreans with 30 year lead", Fletcher added.
Meanwhile, major European automakers including Volkswagen AG and Audi AG plan to exhibit at the event.
Crispin Wu, Tong Yang president, estimates that the increasing orders from Japanese automakers will raise the company's proportion of OE parts production to exceed 70% from 50% currently.
And, asked if the government should require US automakers to produce more alternative-fuel cars in exchange for assistance, 66 percent said yes.
A meritless lawsuit won't intimidate automakers, but it will cost taxpayers.
In recent years, rear-seat entertainment systems for passengers have been fully embraced by automakers, and are a must-have option in certain vehicle segments, given their popularity with consumers.
Once again, American automakers have to compete in the compact and mid-sized auto segments, and the phrase "catching up" seems to apply.
30, the struggling automaker said its pretax loss came to 33.
The automaker had been a great--perhaps the great--booster of the emerging American middle class, setting his factory wages so high and pricing his Model T so low that millions more Americans could afford the markers of what had been luxury, and becoming a hem to the flowering progressive movement in the process.