Car insurance

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Car Insurance

An insurance policy providing coverage for damage caused to one's car, the damage the car itself causes, and/or its theft. One pays premiums to the car insurance company in exchange for this coverage. The amount of the premium is determined by the relative danger that the car and driver pose. For example, a sports car will likely command a higher premium than a sedan, and a young driver almost always pay more than an older driver. All U.S. states require drivers to have some form of car insurance.

Car insurance.

Car insurance covers theft of and damage to your car or damage that your car causes, plus liability protection in case you are sued as a result of an accident. Your state may require proof of insurance before you can register your car.

As a car owner, you pay premiums set by the insurance company based on the value of your car and the risk the company believes you pose. The insurance company agrees to cover your losses, subject to a deductible and the limits specified in the contract.

Some states have insurance pools that allow car owners who have been turned down elsewhere to obtain coverage.

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SB 97 was drafted to bring relief to businesses on the verge of losing auto coverage for their company vehicles or going bankrupt as the result of skyrocketing premiums.
Persons in rural areas often pay much higher rates for auto coverage than people in the city.
AMID STORY after story on direct channel auto coverage and debate over whether the insurance line is worth fighting to sell, Travelers says it has listened to its independent agent partners to develop a competitive product.
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Our new print SearchChicago-Autos will provide the most comprehensive auto coverage in the region and link to our Web site with more new and used car and truck listings than any other service," Cyrus F.
The business auto coverage form uses symbols 8 and 9 to denote hired autos and nonowned autos respectively as covered autos for insurance purposes.
The working group is proposing that protocols be established to guide physicians in treating accident victims and to have auto coverage be directed toward providers who are qualified to treat victims.
Also, if your homeowner's insurance company also sells auto coverage, ask for a discount for giving it both accounts.