Authorized User

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Authorized User

Someone authorized by the original credit card holder to use the holder's card.

While authorized users are not responsible for paying any charges, including their own, they are sometimes dunned for the unpaid bills of the card holder. See Credit Score/Some Misperceptions About Credit/Authorized Credit Card Users Are Safe.

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B's requirements only apply when an authorized user is an account holder's spouse, in practice they are more broadly applied.
However, adding an authorized user can help in different ways: a spouse can gain access to the credit line or a child can start building a credit history.
However, in recent years, credit repair companies have turned the authorized user system into a loophole for those with poor credit ratings by selling the trade lines of a consumer with good credit history to a consumer with bad credit history.
According to Fair Isaac, 30% of the population has an authorized user account on their credit report, and 60 million to 75 million borrowers will be affected by the change.
This Solicitation Is Issued By The New York State Office Of General Services (Ogs), Procurement Services And Is Intended To Establish Multiple Centralized Contracts Which Will Provide Authorized Users That Have The Structural And Geographic Potential With A Streamlined Process To Have Solar Panels Installed On The Authorized Users Property At No Upfront Cost, And Purchase Only The Solar Generated Electricity Through A Power Purchase Agreement ( ppa )
The second step will be competitive, based on the development of a specific project by an Authorized User in accordance with the contractual terms.

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