Authorized User

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Authorized User

Someone authorized by the original credit card holder to use the holder's card.

While authorized users are not responsible for paying any charges, including their own, they are sometimes dunned for the unpaid bills of the card holder. See Credit Score/Some Misperceptions About Credit/Authorized Credit Card Users Are Safe.

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B's requirements only apply when an authorized user is an account holder's spouse, in practice they are more broadly applied.
Also in order to avoid interference to authorized users, the cognitive users, in the process of communicating by using the detected idle spectrum, need to quickly detect the emergence of authorized users, and promptly switch communication bands and give up the previous channel for authorized users, or continue using the original frequency band by adjusting transmit power and other methods in the preconditions of not affecting the authorized users.
However, adding an authorized user can help in different ways: a spouse can gain access to the credit line or a child can start building a credit history.
To illustrate, a credit repair company would arrange a rental transaction in which a consumer purchases the right to become an authorized user on accounts with good credit, thereby artificially boosting their credit scores.
The possibility of the authorized user carrying DNA from another person was considered (Rutty 2002; Rutty et al.
In addition, the company developed a transponder - worn on the authorized user's wrist - that communicates with the gun and lets it fire if the person holding the weapon is the authorized user.
Electronic review of 800 tenure candidates' folders is possible through use of the eOPF Authorized User Console.
One major change is that FICO scores will now exclude authorized user accounts, also known as "piggyback credit," from the scoring formula, says Craig Watts, public relations manager at Fair Isaac.
When an authorized user is granted access through a standard door, the burden of access control temporarily passes over to that user when the door is opened.
Each authorized user on an account will receive an iLinc On-Demand card with a permanent dial-in number, URL and activation PIN code.
If you choose to keep the accounts open, contact the credit card companies in writing requesting that they remove your mother as an authorized user. In addition, you have the right to include an explanation on your credit report, alerting creditors to the circumstances surrounding the accounts.

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