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Of this number oblige the Contracting Authority to purchase a specified initial order (+/- 5%).
The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority Board authorized the authority to purchase Pentex Alaska Natural Gas Company LLC and its assets, including Fairbanks Natural Gas, under AIDEA's Development Finance Program.
FEU has obtained board authority to purchase this lot over a year ago but the actual purchase was consummated only last May 27.
The entity's legal authority to purchase banks' shareholdings is good through March 31, 2012.
110-289, gave Treasury the authority to purchase obligations and securities of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and Treasury exercised that authority on September 7, 2008, to take over those corporations.
The new law simply extends--for another year--certain temporary provisions, including granting the Secretary of Education the authority to purchase loans from lenders within the federal guaranteed loan program (to ensure they continue to have access to capital to originate new loans).
2 million loan to the Wise County Development Authority to purchase equipment and machinery for the start-up plant.
The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that the investment bank was in talks with the Port Authority to purchase the rights to build a tower on the parcel, now occupied by the derelict skyscraper, 130 Liberty Street, whose deconstruction has been long delayed.
He said: "I am delighted the council has chosen bio-fuel cars to replace older cars as it is more environmentally friendly and promotes the use of renewable fuel resources "We are the first local authority to purchase bio-fuel cars and I hope this will encourage both the private and public sectors to follow our lead.
Mr Brown said: "What is needed is an economic development authority to purchase the whole site so the ownership can be consolidated.
According to the newspaper, SORTA chief executive officer Michael Setzer said the funds must be located "by the end of the summer" in order for the transit authority to purchase the cleaner-burning buses this year.
Critics are dubious of the authority's cost-effectiveness in part because more than 50 percent of its revenues fund expenses related to guards - for supervision, administration and transportation of inmate workers - and because the law permits the authority to purchase wholesale and resell products and services when prison factories or inmate personnel cannot meet demand.