Vienna Stock Exchange

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Vienna Stock Exchange (VSX)

One of the world's oldest exchanges, which accounts for approximately 50% of Austrian stock transactions; the balance are traded OTC.

Vienna Stock Exchange

The only stock exchange in Austria and one of the largest in eastern Europe. Established in 1771 as a forum for selling state bonds, it is now responsible for approximately 60% of Austria's stock trade, with the remaining 40% being over-the-counter. Stocks, bonds, options, and futures trade on the Vienna Stock Exchange; all trading occurs electronically. It serves as the primary sponsor for other exchanges in eastern Europe, notably the Zagreb Stock Exchange and the Budapest Stock Exchange.
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The Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) is the company with the best rating of the leading index ATX of the Austrian Stock Exchange.
91 of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act concerning a change effective as of December 30, 2009 in the number of OMV shares owned by Ipic.
ETV is a pan-European Venture Capital company based in Vienna and is listed on the Austrian stock exchange.
Bold, who gave up his UK business and took out a Gibraltar licence two years ago, has also been given shares in Betandwin, which was listed on the Austrian stock exchange in March last year.
Telekom Austrias shares and ADRs are traded on the Austrian Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange, respectively.
Voest Alpine Stahl AG is a major industrial conglomerate headquartered in Linz and is traded on the Austrian Stock Exchange (ATX).
TeleTrader is listed at the Austrian Stock Exchange and develops financial software for companies around the world.
EVN shares continue to be one of the most attractive listed on the Austrian Stock Exchange and EVN ranks second of all listed companies in Austria with a total volume of 8,457 billion shares traded between Jan.
at), which has been listed on the Austrian Stock Exchange since October 1995, is the largest steel producer in Austria and at same time one of the biggest industrial enterprises of the country.

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