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AUM plans to commence Investigational New Drug enabling studies for AUM302 by 2020.
Those reasons have merit, but there are possible drawbacks to paying AUM to an adviser.
While flat fees eliminate most of the few AUM conflicts, they create a major one in down markets (without a fee reduction, which I haven't heard of any advisors doing; probably because it has to be a very hard sell).
They observe that because many firms using retainer fees set their fees so that they generate the same revenue as an AUM fee, the switch feels more like a repackaging than a fee overhaul.
AUM Shinrikyo staged two rounds of sarin nerve gas attacks -- against the Tokyo subway system and in a residential area in the city of Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, in 1994.
This incident was largely forgotten until, in the aftermath of the March 1995 sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system, police investigations uncovered evidence that Aum Shinrikyo was involved in bioterrorism.
At the time of the Aum Affair, Japan was in search of a new destiny but the existing social system failed to provide a viable answer.
Shortly after the subway attacks, Mori was the only member of the press who requested permission from Aum to film a documentary about the everyday activities of its members.
Niimi, 38, the former AUM ''home affairs minister,'' was found guilty in a total of 11 criminal cases and was handed the death sentence, as sought by the prosecution.
The pointed end of an umbrella, though, was what the Aum Shinrikyo terrorists used to pierce the sealed bags of water and sarin in the subway.
Aum Shinrikyo originated in the religious search of a partially blind man, Shoko Asahara (b.
The government will consider suspending the use by ministries and agencies of computer software developed by companies linked to the AUM Shinrikyo cult, Chief Cabinet Secretary Mikio Aoki said Wednesday.