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Free translation of: "'Say on pay' soli fur borsennotierte Aktiengesellschaften zu einem obligatorischen und fur den Aufsichtsrat verbindlichen Element ausgebaut werden," Press Release, Die Bundesregierung, Vernunft und Mass bei Managerbezahlung (May 8, 2013) (http://www.
In order to match the requirements of separating the decision making process and control, the Aufsichtsrat is not empowered to run a business (Facts about Germany, 1996; Wentges, 2002).
Reference is often made to the German Aufsichtsrat when discussing shareholder advisory committees because it is comprised of a number of shareholder representatives--mainly bankers, but also business people and members of the public--which provides shareholders with a role in maintaining the accountability of the management board.
Further, the Aufsichtsrat cannot exercise managerial powers to avoid circumvention of the required two-tier structure.
Furthermore, the law strengthened the influence of the Aufsichtsrat over the management of the corporation.
In addition, since 1952 all limited and joint stock companies in Germany with over 500 workers have had Aufsichtsrat supervisory boards with one third worker representation.
Wesentliche Aufgabe des AN ist zudem die Sicherstellung der Kommunikation und Besprechungsfhrung im Verhltnis zu Gremien und Aufsichtsrat unter eigenverantwortlicher und proaktiver Vorbereitung, Moderation und Nachbereitung entsprechender Gremientermine.
Projektmanager bei der GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG und Aufsichtsrat im Bundnis Burgerenergie e.
See Thomas Kremer, Aufsichtsrat [Supervisory Board], nos.
Dient der Aufsichtsrat dem Aufbau zwischenbetrieblicher Kooperationsbeziehungen?
However, the Aufsichtsrat, VW's supervisory board, had approved funds only for assembly, and a year later the company clarified that it would build an assembly rather than a full manufacturing facility.
One third of the Aufsichtsrat must consist of employee representatives, or one half in public companies of more than 2,000 employees (in which case at least one third of the employee representatives must be trade union representatives), although the chairman -- a shareholder representative -- has the deciding vote in the event of ties; there must be at least one director in the Vorstand who is responsible for personnel matters and who is usually nominated by the Betriebsrat.