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However, Sixgill Integrity is a discrete product that can provide blockchain-based integrity to a wide variety of other data chains where veracity, immutability and auditability are vital.
But recording the conversation is not the only way to establish auditability, and possibly not the best.
We design a mechanism that guarantees privacy-aware bidirectional auditability for both electric power providing authority and the vehicles.
Financial accountability and auditability. For the first time, logistics and financial actions are available together because GCSS-Army is the tactical logistics system of record and is fully integrated with the General Fund Enterprise Business System, the national-level financial system of record.
Because of the security mechanisms and the unrivaled level of auditability that Smartmatic's solutions provide, not a single politician or political party can ever influence the outcome of an election through our technology.
Labor Finders (, an industrial labor staffing company, has chosen a business process management (BPM) system from BP Logix ( to automate key processes and help ensure compliance and auditability.
However, public auditability and variable-sized file blocks are not supported by default.
Regardless, the handful of vendors controlling much of the market have not introduced new machines - despite persistent concerns about security and auditability in many of the existing electronics.
Chamber of Commerce's Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness was highly critical of the proposed framework, believing it "raises more issues than it resolves." The group saw the framework failing to provide a workable set of principles, to provide a holistic and integrated approach to disclosure, to recognize issues related to auditability and to improve reporting for private companies.
Through the partnership with Fixmo, Accellion will offer an enhanced version of its mobile client to run within Fixmo SafeZone, ensuring end-to-end defense-grade security, compliance and auditability for file sharing and document management on mobile devices.
The Department of the Navy (DON) is working to achieve full financial auditability by 2017 and be prepared for an audit of the Statement of Budgetary Resources (SBR) by 2014.