audit trail

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Audit trail

Resolves the validity of an accounting entry by a step-by-step record by which accounting data can be traced to their source.
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Audit Trail

A record of the transactions in a trade from the beginning to the end. The SEC and the NYSE use the audit trail when investigating irregularities and potential trading violations.
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audit trail

A record of business transactions that can be used by an interested party to trace an organization's activities to original documents. Audit trails are used to verify account balances.
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audit trail

a trail of primary documents such as INVOICES, and LEDGER entries, for example sales ledger records, which are used to identify how ACCOUNTING records have been kept. By selecting a sample of primary documents and ledger entries an AUDITOR can check the completeness and accuracy of a firm's accounting system.
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And we haven't even talked about Audit Logs (AL), the most important thing of all.
The data contained in these electronic records and audit logs can be easily altered, backdated, or eliminated-with little or no evidence that any tampering has occurred.
* Keep and monitor an audit log of network traffic.
Even if it is the system administrator that makes a change, it is not possible for him to either prevent or erase the automatic audit trail that is generated on the box; the audit log is secured.
Operating systems controls are supposed to safeguard programs that support multiple applications from tampering and misuse, but the GAO also found that it was possible in some agencies for system engineers to alter system audit log data, which meant that those users "could have engaged in...inappropriate and unauthorized activity and...subsequently deleted related segments of the audit log," making their actions difficult or impossible to detect.
London, United Kingdom, October 16, 2014 --( WP White Security, a company that develops WordPress security plugins and providers WordPress security consultancy and services today announces the release of WSAL Notifications Extension, a new extension for WP Security Audit Log, WordPress' most popular security monitoring and auditing plugin.
The new security appliance is capable of providing policy management as well as an audit log and configuration backup repository for Sidewinder G2 Firewalls.
Enhancements include encrypted e-mail alerts, HIPAA audit log creation, single logon, Windows Network Authentication support, an alert acknowledgement monitor and a Web-based interface.
London, United Kingdom, January 14, 2014 --( WP White Security, a firm at the forefront of professional WordPress security services, consultancy and WordPress security plugins development, today announced that the latest version of their popular WP Security Audit Log plugin released today can track user and other activity on WordPress Multisite installations.