audit trail

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Audit trail

Resolves the validity of an accounting entry by a step-by-step record by which accounting data can be traced to their source.
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Audit Trail

A record of the transactions in a trade from the beginning to the end. The SEC and the NYSE use the audit trail when investigating irregularities and potential trading violations.
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audit trail

A record of business transactions that can be used by an interested party to trace an organization's activities to original documents. Audit trails are used to verify account balances.
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audit trail

a trail of primary documents such as INVOICES, and LEDGER entries, for example sales ledger records, which are used to identify how ACCOUNTING records have been kept. By selecting a sample of primary documents and ledger entries an AUDITOR can check the completeness and accuracy of a firm's accounting system.
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For three elections it refused to issue receipts to comprise the voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT).
In diverse settings like data centers, healthcare facilities, and remote telecom equipment sites, the demand for stricter physical security that can be managed with a full audit trail is growing.
Personnel who create, modify, or delete electronic records should not be able to modify the audit trails.
Item 7: Annex 11 refers to keeping the audit trails for as long as required by the predicate rule requirements for record retention, but there is no explicit statement in Annex 11.
Administrators also need a full audit trail, including the ability to run reports on the timing of message delivery and how quickly receipts were returned from each user.
The detail and authenticity of the audit trail produced is just as important as the operational systems' performance.
To ensure each transaction and process remains in optimal condition, adding audit trails within keeps these types of records available to key personnel.
Basic, daily accounting is taught under the Quickbooks 2006 program's umbrella in chapters which show how to track audit trails, run reports, and improve company data output and therefore performance.
In order to address this issue, it is more critical than ever for companies to ensure they have a comprehensive security policy that addresses securing physical connection, audit trails and policy based access decisions.
Also, a new inter-company detail module offers enhanced process control and automation, improved audit trails and document links, and a new compliance management dashboard.
Audit Trails sets up custom auditing through an Audit Log Configuration Setup window.