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That was the eighth IOSA audit successfully completed by Gulf Air since 2005, in-line with Iata's two-year audit cycles. - TradeArabia News Service
She urges the local councils to be more organized during the next audit cycles and have a more improved filing system.
Eliminating multiple audit cycles is an obvious benefit of the MDSAP, but the program's long-term goals also include:
With the consumption and partial recovery of credits controlled by credit and audit mechanism, [R.sub.special] of benign users reveals a hysteretic declined trend within each audit cycle and will fluctuate along with audit cycles during the testing period.
While the CQC said they felt the doctors offered 'an excellent service' and 'staff were efficient, helpful and caring', the report highlighted areas of improvement including ensuring practice audits were undertaken and completing clinical audit cycles to monitor performance and improved outcomes for patients.
We expect it will take multiple audit cycles to achieve a favorable opinion, but we will focus on learning from weaknesses revealed and on correcting them to ensure we are doing business the right way.
The statistical significance of the differences found in the two audit cycles was evaluated using chi-square tests.
Type A programs are required to undergo an audit if they have not been audited or tested as a major program in the past two audit cycles. The new guidelines also dictate that programs will be considered high risk and tested as a major program if:
Data were collected in 5 audit cycles between 2008 and 2010 using the Integrated HAST Evaluation tools (available from authors), consisting of an extract of routine data, a facility manager questionnaire, observations and a set of TB, HCT, HIV, ART and prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) folder reviews.
Many common deficiencies cited in those recent inspection reports were also identified as weaknesses in the Board's 2010 report on audit risk areas affected by the economic crisis, which focused on the 2007, 2008 and 2009 audit cycles.
If the taxpayer does not implement measures to address the audit issues, the jurisdiction may not waive penalties in future audit cycles.
There were thirteen full audit cycles to compare amongst the nine universities.
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