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Support for the WMA format is included in WinDVD 5 and does not require the WinDVD 5 Audio Pack.
To pass the audio from your external recording device or your microphone(s) into the computer, you will need some sort of audio recording software program.
Almost all other manufacturers avoid direct competition against National Semiconductor, who is considered as the superpower of class AB audio system field.
With a vast array of trick modes including smooth fast forward with audio playback, real-time reverse playback, and Zoran's proprietary video scaling, ZoranZoom, manufacturers using the Vaddis V can deliver the ultimate DVD-Video experience to the consumer.
Tensilica's HiFi 2 Audio Engine is a fully programmable processor core that can easily be designed into a SOC (system-on-chip) to provide high-quality 24-bit audio at low power in a small area.
Connects to PCs via USB to enable computer-based audio collaboration with all VoIP applications, including softphones, web-based video conferencing, and IM with chat.
SRS Labs develops advanced audio and communications technology that optimizes and improves the listening experience through techniques based on the latest research into the human auditory system.
The CS48520 and CS48540 include support for a wide variety of industry standard audio algorithms to expand stereo audio or matrix encoded stereo audio to multichannel audio and convert multichannel audio to stereo audio while preserving the surround sound effect.
A full range of feature, cost and performance options gives Chipidea's audio codec IP the flexibility to be configured for the specific needs of any Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM), Application-Specific Integrated Circuit vendor, Application-Specific Standard Product vendor, fabless IC provider, IP provider or design center.
Presentation from Neyrinck Audio Labs on their new SoundCode for DTS plug-in suite for Pro Tools[TM], including the SoundCode DTS-HD Decoder plug-in.
The suggested retail prices of the suites are $1,495 for the DTS-HD Master Audio Suite, and $795 for the DTS Surround Audio Suite.
NASDAQ:IDTI), a leading provider of vital semiconductor solutions, today announced the availability of a High Definition Audio (HD Audio) codec software driver which supports IDT PC Audio customers in their implementation of advanced audio capabilities in Windows [TM] Vista[TM] compliant systems.