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He arose from the earth, and moving past the immovable form of Uncas, placed himself in a dignified attitude before the offender.
By far the greater number stood leaning, in lazy, lounging attitudes, against the upright posts that supported the crazy building, while three or four of the oldest and most distinguished of the chiefs placed themselves on the earth a little more in advance.
They were all standing or sitting about in the most quaint and curious attitudes I have ever seen off a Japanese fan.
There was a certain rude, though chivalrous grandeur in the act; and it marked not only the beginning of a lifelong devotion and loyalty on the part of Shandy toward his young master, but was prophetic of the attitude which Norman of Torn was to inspire in all the men who served him during the long years that saw thousands pass the barbicans of Torn to crave a position beneath his grim banner.
It seems sample to have a good attitude but thousands of student, teachers, players, actors, singers and so on living souls are suffering due to lackage of a well attitude.
I believe God gave us control over two things: freewill in choices and our attitude.
Male trainee teachers of formal sector showed a lesser amount of positive professional attitude than the attitudes of female trainee teachers of formal and non-formal sector.
Key words: National sportsmen, Elderly, Attitude, Taekwondo
The results showed that student have a positive attitude towards research.
Therefore the attitude of a person about a particular thing will determine how he or she will behave with it or in its presence.
Keywords: age, attitude, gender, interaction, mentally ill individuals, mental illness, university students, stigma, treatment.
After all, isn't it common knowledge that while skills can be taught, attitude is inherent?