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Since the society's 1990-95 mortality experience database had no data above issue age 72, limited data for attained ages over 85, and limited data for juveniles, the society's task force used data from other sources.
Mortality improvement has tended to be smaller at attained ages under 45 and at attained ages above 85.
In that case, the distribution period is the longer of a) the participant's life expectancy under the uniform method described above or b) the joint life expectancies of the participant and his or her spouse, based on their attained ages in the year distributions take place.
The factor will vary depending on the participant's attained age on his or her birthday in the distribution year.
Most IRA holders choose the annual recalculation method for determining minimum distributions; this allows the IRA owner and spouse to use their attained ages as of their birthdays each year when looking up their joint life expectancy in the IRS tables (in Publication 590).
The increase was accounted for almost entirely by personal retirement saving - $4,027 for the cohort that attained ages 60 to 64 in 1984 compared to $10,995 for the cohort that attained this age in 1991.
But families who attained age 65 in 1991 had had nine years to contribute.
The original TOAMS, released in 2005, covered mortality experience for insureds attained ages of 50 and higher during 2000, 2001 and 2002.
TOAMS 3 spans the five-year experience period from 2006 to 2010 for insureds attained ages of 50 and above.