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American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

A labor union for North American musicians. It lobbies and negotiates contracts for better pay and working conditions. It also attempts to protect copyrights for musicians' intellectual property. It was established in 1896 by members of the American Federation of Labor (now the AFL-CIO).

Amman Financial Market

A securities exchange in Jordan. It was established in 1976 and traded in stocks, government and corporate bonds, and negotiable certificates of deposit, among other securities. It was the only exchange in Jordan and was replaced by the Amman Stock Exchange in 1999.
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However, the atomic force microscope has also become a virologic standard in recent years (30-33).
Nanoscale probe system: a high-resolution atomic force microscope (afm) suitable for operation with an optical microscope and as a standalone unit.
firm slice: equipment of an atomic force microscope time of the firm slice: (see section ii.
Previously, researchers had used an atomic force microscope to measure the natural beating of heart cells.
The atomic force microscope makes it possible to characterize at the local scale materials of all types (thin layers, supported aggregates, engraved patterns etc.
Firm slice: atomic force microscope, conditional slice: inverted microscope.
SPECIAL SITES (below) The fine metallic point of an atomic force microscope (AFM) directly traces the surfaces of microscopic objects.
Contract notice: Providing an atomic force microscope to the ufr smbh university paris 13.
Vekilov and Siu-Tung Yau at the University of Alabama in Huntsville used an atomic force microscope to view the protein apoferritin as it crystallizes.
What is needed is a (1) atomic force microscope for topographical analysis (AFM imaging) and for friction measurements with maximum resolution AFM in air and in liquids.