Athens Stock Exchange

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Athens Stock Exchange

Greece's only major securities market. Greek language only.

Athens Stock Exchange (ASE)

Greece's principal stock exchange.

Athens Exchange

A major securities exchange in Greece. It was established as the Athens Stock Exchange in 1876. In 2002, it became the Athens Exchange in a merger with the Athens Derivatives Exchange. It trades stocks, bonds and derivatives. More than 300 publicly traded companies are listed on the Athens Exchange.
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Hellenic Exchanges - Athens Stock Exchange was founded in 1876 and is the parent of the Group of companies that support the operation of the Greek capital market.
That's changed this week, as everyone watched the Athens stock exchange, spellbound, after it opened for the first time in five weeks.
However, the Macedonian firms will not take part in the bidding for the stakes of Thessaloniki Port Authority and will instead try to buy a portion of the 25 percent of free shares listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, Dnevnik reports.
com/greek-stocks-fall-nearly-5-after-sale-state-gas-provider-depa-russias-gazprom-fails-1298729) when Gazprom failed to bid , sending the Athens Stock Exchange tumbling nearly 5 percent.
Greece's Athens Stock Exchange is second in losses with a 29.
A VAN bomb exploded outside the Athens Stock Exchange, slightly injuring a passer-by and causing extensive damage to the building and nearby cars, Greek police said.
Controlling more than 95% of Interamerican, Eureko has already declared its intention to withdraw its acquisition from the Athens stock exchange.
Hundreds of angry investors chanting "we want our money back" gathered outside the Athens Stock Exchange yesterday after shares took another plunge in a growing election campaign dilemma for the government.
The bank, which during the March 2013 banking crisis converted almost half of its uninsured customer deposits into equity as part of Cyprus's bailout terms and saw the trading of its shares at the CSE and Athens Stock Exchange suspended and had it re-listed in December 2014, said that making its share visible to the international investor community in London, will help it play a key role in support the recovery of Cyprus's economy.
The announcement of a snap presidential election in Greece triggered the worst meltdown in the Athens stock exchange since Black Monday, 1987.
8% to post their largest single-session decline since November 1987, according to the Athens Stock Exchange, with the government saying on Monday that it would bring forward a presidential vote by two months, which heightened uncertainty about the country's transition out of its bailout.

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