Athens Stock Exchange

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Athens Stock Exchange

Greece's only major securities market. Greek language only.

Athens Stock Exchange (ASE)

Greece's principal stock exchange.

Athens Exchange

A major securities exchange in Greece. It was established as the Athens Stock Exchange in 1876. In 2002, it became the Athens Exchange in a merger with the Athens Derivatives Exchange. It trades stocks, bonds and derivatives. More than 300 publicly traded companies are listed on the Athens Exchange.
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Hellenic Exchanges - Athens Stock Exchange was founded in 1876 and is the parent of the Group of companies that support the operation of the Greek capital market.
Eurobank EFG, which is one of the largest banking groups in Greece, listed on the Athens Stock Exchange (EUROB), offering all types of banking, asset management, insurance and other related services throughout Greece and in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, London and in Luxembourg, supervised on a consolidated basis by the Bank of Greece.
Specifically, it focuses on a sample of companies from a small European stock market, the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE), from 1995 to 2008, that has totally different characteristics from other mature stock markets which also changed status in year 2001 from an emerging to a developed market.
"OTE's decision to delist aims to cut operational cost, limit the complexity of financial reporting and concentrate on the Athens Stock Exchange, a market which presents the greatest liquidity for its shares," the company said.
Belgian food retailer Delhaize Group (EBR:DELB) will start immediately a squeeze-out offer for the remaining shares in its Greek subsidiary, Alfa-Beta Vassilopoulos (ATH:BASIK), a filing with the Athens stock exchange showed on Friday.
EA claimed an attack on the Athens stock exchange in September, which caused no injuries.
In September, Revolutionary Struggle placed a bomb outside the Athens Stock Exchange, causing extensive damage but no casualties.
He further added, "Herman Gutmann Werke AG, located in Weissenburg, Germany, has been engaged in the aluminum extrusion business for more than 70 years, and is part of ALCO Group of Companies, (Parent company ALCO Hellas SA, is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange).
Delta Ice Cream is listed on the Athens Stock exchange and over 96% of the shares are owned by Delta Holdings, which built up its ownership of the ice cream operation in June 2005, possibly in anticipation of the sale.
Delta Ice Cream is listed on the Athens Stock exchange, and over 96% of its shares are owned by Delta Holdings.
Shares in Athens International will be floated during 2005, and the airport will be listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. Greek Finance Minister George Alogoskoufis has announced: "The Government, in co-operation with German partners [Hochtief], is to proceed with a listing of Athens Airport this year." The State holds a 55% stake in the airport, with Hochtief holding another 39.8%, Horizon Air Investments 5.0% and Flughafen Athen-Spata Projecktgesellschaft 0.125%.
Thirteen percent of the share capital of the state-owned Agricultural Bank are floated on the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE).

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