Market order

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Market order

Used in the context of general equities. Order to buy or sell a stated amount of a security at the most advantageous price obtainable after the order is represented in the trading crowd. You cannot specify special restrictions such as all or none (AON) or good 'til canceled order (GTC) on market orders. See: Limit order.

Market Order

An order to buy or sell a security at the best price available when the order is made. Brokers who execute these orders must make a good faith effort to find the best possible price. It is also called an at-the-market order.

market order

A customer order for immediate execution at the best price available when the order reaches the marketplace. This, the most common type of order, has the advantage of nearly always being filled because no price is specified. Compare limit order. See also elect, stop order.

Market order.

When you tell your broker to buy or sell a security at the market, or current market price, you are giving a market order. The broker initiates the trade immediately.

The amount you pay or receive is determined by the number of shares and the current bid or ask price. Market orders, which account for the majority of trades, differ from limit orders to buy or sell, in which a price is specified.

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Sales would be made in transactions considered to be at-the-market offerings, including sales made directly on the NASDAQ Capital Market or sales made through a market maker or by privately negotiated transactions.
3bn, has said that it is planning to sell up to USD10m of its common stock, from time to time, pursuant to an at-the-market equity offering programme.
Sales of common stock under the new at-the-market offering, if any, would be made by means of ordinary brokers' transactions on the New York Stock Exchange at market prices or as otherwise agreed with the agents.
The shares are being sold by the selling stockholders in an underwritten at-the-market offering pursuant to an effective shelf registration statement filed with the U.
02 per diluted share resulting from the new shares issued pursuant to our at-the-market equity issuance program (as discussed below).
NYSE Amex: PTX) ("Pernix" or the "Company"), a specialty pharmaceutical company, today announced that it has completed its At-the-Market (ATM) offering with Cantor Fitzgerald & Co.
The proportion of at-the-market (ATM) offering facilities out of the total dollars invested remained steady at 56.
20 Million Financing Completed Through At-the-Market Financing Vehicle
Dominic's leadership will provide us with the opportunity to build on our league table-leading at-the-market capability and develop attractive real estate assets through off-balance sheet financing," said Bryan Turley, managing director and fellow co-head of MLV's Financial Institutions Group.
NYSE: ACC), the nation's largest owner and manager of high-quality student housing properties, today announced it has created an at-the-market equity program under which it may sell common stock with an aggregate offering price of up to $300 million from time to time through Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated, Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.
1 in sole-managed at-the-market offerings (ATM) in 2014, according to data provided by Dealogic[sup.
Current and potential investors should read the prospectuses in those registration statements, the prospectus supplements relating to the at-the-market offering and other documents the company has filed with the SEC for more complete information about Somaxon and the at-the-market offering program.