Market order

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Market order

Used in the context of general equities. Order to buy or sell a stated amount of a security at the most advantageous price obtainable after the order is represented in the trading crowd. You cannot specify special restrictions such as all or none (AON) or good 'til canceled order (GTC) on market orders. See: Limit order.
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Market Order

An order to buy or sell a security at the best price available when the order is made. Brokers who execute these orders must make a good faith effort to find the best possible price. It is also called an at-the-market order.
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market order

A customer order for immediate execution at the best price available when the order reaches the marketplace. This, the most common type of order, has the advantage of nearly always being filled because no price is specified. Compare limit order. See also elect, stop order.
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Market order.

When you tell your broker to buy or sell a security at the market, or current market price, you are giving a market order. The broker initiates the trade immediately.

The amount you pay or receive is determined by the number of shares and the current bid or ask price. Market orders, which account for the majority of trades, differ from limit orders to buy or sell, in which a price is specified.

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Net proceeds from the 'at-the-market' equity offering, if any, may be used by the company to repay a creditor as well as for general corporate purposes .
The at-the-market equity program provides the company with additional financing flexibility should it be required in the future.
Medical device company ReShape Lifesciences Inc (Nasdaq:RSLS) revealed on Wednesday that it expects gross proceeds of about USD1.44m from tts registered direct offering priced at-the-market with several institutional investors.
(NYSE:GTY) (the "company") has announced the establishment of an "at-the-market" equity issuance program, pursuant to which the company may offer and sell shares of its common stock, par value USD 0.01 per share, with an aggregate gross sales price of up to USD 125,000,000 through J.P.
Sales in the at-the-market program, if any, will be made pursuant to the prospectus and prospectus supplement.
Under a registered direct offering priced at-the-market at USD1.465 per share, the company expects to raise total gross proceeds of approximately USD2.5m.
Biopharmaceutical company Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Nasdaq: GLMD) announced on Tuesday that it has raised approximately USD11.6m in gross proceeds during December 2017, under its at-the-market programmes.
The company has also filed a prospectus supplement to its effective United States registration statement on Form S-3 in order to renew its 'at-the-market' program.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-June 9, 2015-'At-the-market' offering program launched by W.
The 4,650,000 shares of our common stock purchased by the underwriters are being offered for resale by the underwriters in an at-the-market offering in negotiated transactions or otherwise, at market prices prevailing on the New York Stock Exchange at the time of sale, at prices related to the prevailing market price or otherwise.
Our at-the-market facility and our Chinese subsidiary 's recent financing has and will provide us additional funding to achieve this milestone."