At the close order

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At the close order

In the context of securities, an all or none market order that is to be executed at the closing price of the security on the exchange. If the execution cannot be made under this condition, the order is to be treated as cancelled.

In the context of futures and options, refers to a contract that is to be executed on some exchanges during the closing period, a period in which there is a range of prices.

At the Close Order

1. An order to buy or sell a security at the best price available when an exchange closes.

2. An order to buy or sell a security at the security's price when an exchange closes. If this price is not available, the order is canceled.
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382 do not necessarily occur at the close of a tax year, Sec.
Multi Income Trust had previously announced that the reorganization was expected to become effective at the close of business on July 28, 2005, or such later date as determined by Multi-Income Trust and Income Fund.
NASDAQ's Closing Cross provides a deep, orderly market and certainty of price at the close.