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In Europe, the device is CE marked for the measurement of bioimpedance asymmetry associated with stroke, concluded the company.
Experiments like T2K are designed to study the possible asymmetry.
GE-ntE-rkE-n says that this research can provide insight into the effects of asymmetry on brain conditions in humans.
Key Words: Asymmetry, Molar relationship, Canine relationship, Dental midlines, Non coincident.
The only asymmetry that was observed between limbs was detected with the RI method in the professional dancers.
I calculated signed fluctuating asymmetry by subtracting the right side measurement from the left side measurement, [UL - UR] or [LL - LR], and unsigned fluctuating asymmetry by taking the absolute values of these calculations.
The eccentricity due to mass asymmetry in the models are given in Table 1.
The asymmetry increases the likelihood that the program would be facing a funding gap, "even if aggregate claim costs across the entire market had developed in line with the average expectation of all insurers," Katterman writes.
The novel insight of Akerlof was that information asymmetry would not only hurt the informationally disadvantaged party but sometimes the advantaged party as well.
Nowadays, there is the incessant search for easily measured bioindicators which resulted in the investigation of asymmetry of morphological characters as a possible bioindicator for stress and the most widely used measure of asymmetry is Fluctuating Asymmetry (FA).