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In fact, neural network model (5) is implemented well as an associative memory if the coefficient satisfying k [greater than or equal to] 0.52 and the other parameters are the same as those in Example 19.
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In 2010, Feng Naiqin et al proposed the morphological associative memory framework and made a deep research on the method of memorizing English vocabulary (Zhuge H., Sun Y., 2010).
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Motivated by the preceding discussion, in this paper, we are going to deal with the problem of global asymptotic robust stability for neutral-type hybrid bidirectional associative memory neural networks with time-varying delays and parameters uncertainties.
The contribution of familiarity to associative memory in amnesia.
2011), a novel stock trading framework based on a neuro-fuzzy associative memory architecture was proposed.
Regardless of how comfortable a person is with aging, it is improbable that anyone wants to be reminded of an increasing inability to process information quickly, or a "deficit in associative memory." Although Rayapati is consistently positive about teaching the aging singer, the topics discussed could have been couched in a style similar to the first part of the book that spoke to the singer rather than about the singer.
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