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Intel Saffron AML Advisor uses associative memory AI to discover new insights for growing businesses, meeting compliance and regulatory requirements, and fighting financial crime with a suite of features, including:
Associative memory refers to a process in which learners make links between the original language system and the phonological, morphological and semantic features of the new words, in which the new words are adopted into the new system to combine with the old system, so as to remember new words (Sulkowski L.
An associative memory network (AMN) is expected to have several characteristics: (1) An AMN must memorize incrementally, which has the ability to learn new knowledge without forgetting the learned knowledge.
For example, associative memory - used in remembering face-name associations - can be impaired in alcoholics.
The PC, therefore, is considered to be the locus of associative memory formation, although the precise neuronal circuitry and plasticity that support memory formation within the PC are not yet known.
Word associations tests of associative memory and implicit processes: Theoretical and assessment issues.
A structural basis for enhancement of long-term associative memory in single dendritic spines regulated by PKC.
A FAM component contains two subcomponents: the rules of fuzzy logic and pattern relationships, the template entry/exit, called associative memory.
Network models of rhythm generation, spatial navigation, and associative memory are discussed.
Compared to the controls, the medicated patients scored worse in the cued recall and cued delayed recall variables of the test for associative memory with semantic increase; the recognition of logical memory of the Wechsler Memory Scale; and the free short recall, cued short recall, and cued delayed recall variables of the California Verbal Learning Test (CVLT).
In a continuous-time version of associative memory is described.
In this work we introduce a new model of bidirectional associative memory which is not iterative and has no stability problems.

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