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In the transfer of an asset, liability, or anything else, the party that makes the transfer. That is, the assignor originally holds the asset or liability and gives or sells it to the assignee.


A person making an assignment.

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Plaintiff does not have to prove that the assignor was a "qualified person" as part of its prima facie case.
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patent exhaustion, as in Quanta Computer, (23) or assignor estoppel) and has never directly ruled on other issues (e.
of the income producing property [the patents] together with a contingent right to income therefrom, payable, if at all, at some indefinite time in the future in an indeterminate amount, with respect to which the assignor [taxpayer corporation] had no voice or control whatsoever, prevents us from treating the case as one involving the anticipatory assignment of income, which when paid becomes taxable to the assignor.
7,919,669 B2; Donald Roe, Barry Feist, Krista Comstock and Lisa Goodlander, assignors to The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH
At this point, this court is obligated to give full effect to the declaratory judgment insofar as it stays all proceedings arising out of the alleged accident with respect to the instant assignor.
Under the Convention, a person who transfers or creates a security over a receivable is called the assignor.
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