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By bringing an assigned claim against the defendant's insurer, Warren obtained satisfactory compensation even though his underlying tort claim had been whittled away by affirmative defenses, liens, and other factors.
2) Medicare receipts are a function of allowed amounts on assigned claims, billed amounts on unassigned claims, and the assignment rate -- which might itself change in response to changes in Medicare's payment rates.
Further, reimbursement for assigned claims would also be 100 per cent of the fee schedule, with coinsurance and any deductible waived.
Once these fundamentals are mastered, this knowledge can be put to use across virtually all types of assigned claims.
Audit claim files to determine that the assigned claims analyst has reviewed and conducted an initial evaluation of a claim within thirty days of receipt of a claim.
Instead of an adjuster being in control of the assigned claims, contract repairers or other outside service providers take charge of claims.
The parties have agreed on a proposed class action settlement (the "Settlement") of the class claims and assigned claims against Berkley Insurance Company, formerly known as Signet Star for $1,633,500, American Safety Insurance Services, Inc.
The child's family agreed not to collect damages from Dolan and Eleanor Lancaster, except as necessary to prosecute the assigned claims.
If you held a Thaxton subordinated note on October 17, 2003 or have been assigned claims or rights from such a person, your rights may be affected and you may be entitled to money or benefits.
Defense counsel must obtain prior approval of the assigned claims professional after extensive discussion as to the chance of prevailing on such a motion.
Intended for use by insurance adjusters in the field, the solution, supported by the Palm OS(r) platform, would allow adjusters to access real-time data about recently assigned claims and customers' policies remotely via the PalmVII series handheld or any Palm handheld using the Mobile Internet Kit with the Palm.
Foremost among these is the Advance Funding program which pays physicians on their assigned claims within 72 hours.