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The assignable contract includes the delivery of edgebanding and finishing machine to the prison (JVA) Sehnde.
To provide an effective guarantee to the counterparty in a freely assignable contract, as we have seen, Patriot would not only need to promise that it remains residually liable on the contract, but Patriot would also need to make a credible promise to retain enough assets to make good on the counterparty's claim if the assignee breaches.
TABLE 2 BUNDLED ASSIGNABILITY, DEBTOR PARTY Explicit or Explicit Bundled Implicit Bundled Assignable Assignable Contract Type Contracts (N) Contracts (%) Contracts (%) Supply 145 63.
5% of the bundled assignable contracts in our sample include at least one definition of a bundle that does not use an entity, and 6.
Buyer #1 enters into an assignable contract with the seller at an inflated price.
According to current plans, the contractor has to provide these four grid to the end of March 2017thThe assignable contract also includes the client option, within 2 years from contract the contractor with the design, manufacture and supply of at least 1 more than 2 spare grids per the above-described size (ie grid in the dimensions 485 x 335 x 40 mm and grid in the dimensions 565 x 360 x 40 mm) and the type and quality described above to instruct.
The assignable contract covers a total of 240 asylum seekers currently taking care of apartments in various townships and towns in the district.
The assignable contract involves procuring the Hardware Infrastructure for Infrastructure Service Bundeswehr and the spoil of the Service Area Components, Components and NIA Backup Area Components in the mobilized Containment Components.
Assignable contracts in place, solid revenue trending for the last few years.