Asset/liability management

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Asset/liability management

The task of managing the funds of a financial institution to accomplish two goals: (1) to earn an adequate return on funds invested and (2) to maintain a comfortable surplus of assets beyond liabilities. Also called surplus management.
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Asset/Liability Management

Any active management strategy that involves coordinating a company's or fund's assets and liabilities such that the two together form an adequate return. Generally speaking, one aims to invest such that assets exceed liabilities as much as possible.
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According to organisers, analysis of a retirement fund's assets and liabilities forms the basis of Asset Liability Management (ALM).
The Company's Asset Liability Management Committee met here on October 05, 2010 and after reviewing the current market trend of increasing interest rates to contain inflation, decided to increase its benchmark rate in line with the upward moving interest rates in the domestic market.
Gulf Bank will use SunGard's system for four separate risk management streams, namely, Capital Computation under Basel II for credit, market and operational risks, Asset Liability Management (ALM) & Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP), Market Risk Management, which covers the banking and trading books and Operational Risk Management.
With interests at record lows today, this may cause problems in asset liability management when the Fed eventually raises short term interest rates, he notes.
He's also talked with finance and investments staffers about asset allocation and asset liability management, and has introduced concepts that link the two together.
FARIN is a leader and industry trendsetter in the enterprise risk management space, with its flagship asset liability management platform and advisory services.
London: Fitch Ratings says in a new report that managing exposure to growing periodic payment orders (PPOs) will be a substantial challenge for UK motor insurers, placing greater importance on their asset liability management strategies.
Sje will oversee financial reporting, budgeting and asset liability management. Pruno joined the credit union in September of 2008 and most recently held the position of assistant vice president of operations.
This is evident from the fact that the liquidity ratio of the bank stood at a healthy 50pc and the management is working to further enhance the asset liability management, he said.
McQueen Financial Advisors provides financial institutions with investment portfolio management services, asset liability management reporting, mortgage servicing rights valuations, merger valuations, transaction advisory services, CECL reporting and strategic consulting.

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