asset play

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Asset play

A company with assets that are not believed to be accurately reflected in its stock price, making it an attractive buy or play.
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Asset Play

A stock with a net asset value above its market capitalization. An asset play is undervalued and therefore is considered to be a good stock to buy. See also: Wallflower.
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asset play

A stock with a market price considerably lower than the value of the firm's assets on a per-share basis. For example, a paper company may operate in an extremely competitive market and earn minimal profits. However, a financial analyst may believe investors are concentrating on poor earnings and are pricing the stock in a manner that does not consider extensive and valuable timber and real estate holdings and thus does not reflect the stock's current market price. Thus, the stock is an asset play.
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All leases are along the Texas Gulf Coast and are conventional asset plays.
Earlier this week, EFG Hermes had announced its intent to utilize proceeds from selling nearly two thirds of its stake in Credit Libanais to fuel growth in its traditional lines of business, one of which is the strategy to acquire yielding asset plays across global markets through its highly successful private equity division.
Gulf Air as Bahrain's national carrier is a key national infrastructure asset plays an important role in opening the doors to travel, trade, tourism and investment and thereby further strengthening ties between the two countries." Operating one of the largest networks in the Middle East, with excellent connectivity through the airline's efficient Bahrain hub, Gulf Air's current 25 weekly flights between Muscat and Manama provide superior onwards connectivity to all the airline's Middle East, Europe and Asia destinations.
The other two categories are companies in special situations-- turnarounds and asset plays.
The other two categories are companies in special situations-turnarounds and asset plays. Turnarounds are companies that were on the verge of bankruptcy but have been revived.
He says there are six types of stocks: slow growers, stalwarts, cyclical, fast growers, turnarounds and asset plays."
With many operators unclear on the role each asset plays, the first step will be to carry out some form of analysis to help classify each asset into distinct categories.
"Flights to safe haven asset plays such as gold, which remains the defensive trade of choice, has continued," said analyst Raymond.
"Asset plays are less interesting to investors than customer plays," said Barry Libert, worldwide director of Arthur Andersen's Real Estate Transformation Group.
Obviously, the nature of the asset plays a large part in this determination; cash and marketable securities will have a quick-sale value identical to fair market value, while real estate and personal property may have differing values.

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