Exchange of assets

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Exchange of assets

Acquisition of another company by purchase of its assets in exchange for cash or stock.

Exchange of Assets

An acquisition in which the acquirer buys the target company indirectly by buying its assets. The assets may be bought in exchange for cash and/or stock.
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PwC also said that it would continue to negotiate with other Lehman Brothers operations, in particular the US and Hong Kong, regarding future asset exchanges.
The guidance, whose provisions will be applied prospectively, is effective for nonmonetary asset exchanges that take place in fiscal periods beginning after June 15, 2005, although application is permitted for such transactions occurring in periods beginning any time after the date of issuance.
FASB has finalized revised standards on share-based payment, the treatment of idle capacity and spoilage costs in the cost of inventory and asset exchanges.
The statement is effective for nonmonetary asset exchanges occurring in fiscal periods beginning after June 15, 2005.
Asset exchanges that would require a gain or loss to be recognized on the exchange of similar productive assets based on the fair value of the exchange unless the exchange lacks commercial substance; and
We are actively seeking additional opportunities to negotiate asset exchanges with other oil and gas companies.
The properties were acquired in an asset exchange with Coastal Oil & Gas Corporation and ANR Production Company, both subsidiaries of the Coastal Corporation of Houston.
Comment letters indicate disagreement with the EDs on inventory costs and accounting changes, and particular areas of disagreement with the EDs on earnings per share (EPS) and asset exchanges.
As part of the agreement, IPX1031 will introduce Accruit's Exchange Manager to its clients through IPX1031's National Multiple Asset Exchange Division.

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