assembly line

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Assembly Line

A way to manufacture a product in which parts are added in sequence by different workers. For example, Joe may put the engine in a car and send it to Bob, who puts on the doors. Then it goes to Frank, who applies the wheels. Each worker has his/her post; the unfinished product comes to each worker in turn. This process allows workers to put together more products at a time; for instance, rather than putting together one car at a time, workers are able to use their expertise on multiple cars throughout the day. Assembly lines were developed by the Ford Motor Company in the early 20th century and were instrumental in beginning the mass production of automobiles.

assembly line

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Now, Fujitsu has enhanced assembly animation creation and design change support functions in order to accurately and quickly create and update assembly process data, which is constantly changing due to design changes and on-site improvements.
A tooling validation checklist may be helpful to assist in this operation to detail the key steps of the assembly process and points for inspection.
Generally is possible to design the sensory equipment in the three basic applications grounded on the requsted operations in the assembly process (Fig.
The first critical step is to analyze the assembly process and segment it logically into time-balanced increments of work.
Parts were also designed to be self-aligning, further reducing the complexity of the assembly process.
Explaining to design engineers why changes must be made to their designs in order to help the assembly process takes a lot of understanding of the entire tractor manufacturing process.
The APEX 2002 technical conference program is focused on the needs of engineers and managers in the electronics assembly industry and offers comprehensive information concerning all areas of the electronics assembly process.
Celera will continue sequencing the bits of human DNA for a few months before the complex assembly process begins in full.
Using these two features together makes it easy to appreciate the overall processes in a product's assembly, enabling consideration of the way production lines are organized in the assembly process.
Assembly block" feature enables enhanced consideration of assembly process

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