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Assembly Line

A way to manufacture a product in which parts are added in sequence by different workers. For example, Joe may put the engine in a car and send it to Bob, who puts on the doors. Then it goes to Frank, who applies the wheels. Each worker has his/her post; the unfinished product comes to each worker in turn. This process allows workers to put together more products at a time; for instance, rather than putting together one car at a time, workers are able to use their expertise on multiple cars throughout the day. Assembly lines were developed by the Ford Motor Company in the early 20th century and were instrumental in beginning the mass production of automobiles.

assembly line

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Examination capability for the purpose of improving Quality, Cost, and Delivery in the assembly process
Robotics assembly requires many skills and talents from all involved within the manufacturing assembly process and team.
The application of the sensory equipment in the intelligent assembly process is very important and the design of it is realized on the ground of the sensory object properties.
We believe that the solar cell receiver assembly process developed by Delta will enable Spectrolab to offer its customers the opportunity to obtain a complete receiver design that has been proven reliable, thus enabling our customers to speed up their entry into the CPV market," said Dr.
For manufacturers, BILT turns the entire at-home assembly process on its head.
There is also a growing need for animations of the assembly process, which are useful for instructing line operators, who may speak a foreign language, at remote sites overseas.
Here we design the model for lean implementation propose to be use and pretest it by using a assembly process as a study case to preliminary validate the model.
After the tire sequence check, which checks that the correct tires have been fitted, the final assembly process includes complete test procedures with electrical systems testing, water test, and parts quality control.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 860 employee suggestions to improve the product or the assembly process were incorporated into the 1994 Ford Mustang.
This product is used when considering the assembly process of a product.
Making production line operations efficient by utilizing the workers' place in the assembly process

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