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No matter which programming language you use, the end result is machine code, or assembly language. Knowing something about the end result of your code is of obvious benefit.
The programs for solving the equations using the Gaussian elimination and Gauss--Jordan methods have been developed using the assembly language programming and the results have been tested on different types of processors.
Proof-Carrying Code [55] and Typed Assembly Language [51] are the two primary representatives of proof-annotated mobile code formats.
Therefore, a framework to study the impact of these expert filter tokens was used on 'Computer Organization and Assembly Language', for experimental study.
The technology that lifted these burdens from the programmer was assembly Language, in which raw binary codes were replaced by symbols such as load, store, add, sub.
Chapters one through five mine the nitty-gritty of assembly language and software engineering of Windows and Linux systems.
Until recently, these chips have had to be coded in assembly language, since the single available compiler for them was only configured for assembly.
Nonetheless, Roe says companies are "aggressively converting off of a set of older Assembler-based admin platforms onto another set of more modem, proven and scalable platforms." (Assembly language is a basic-level programming language common to most computers.)
While I was spending my early teenage years in awe of Mark Knopfler's liquid guitar solos on Making Movies,programming my BBC Micro in 6502 Assembly Language -I made a dot move across the screen!
Symantec said the program was written in IA64 assembly language. This would indicate a fairly skilled coder.
Written in C++ and assembly language, the most powerful run-time environment currently available, with a standards-based data adapter layer that allows simultaneous integration of proprietary and 3rd party data, Fractal Edge's functionality has almost unrestricted scalability, flexibility and speed.
It also allows for the in-lining and interfacing of C with PowerNP pico-code (PowerNP assembly language).
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