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This results in compelling reports that (1) show clearly that statements and branches have been exercised in the assembler code and (2) cross-correlate the results between the high-level language and assembler.
They then run CMDE, automatically generating code in C, C++, Assembler code, Java, as well as synthesizable VHDL or Verilog.
To ensure maximum flexibility in programming options, the FIVE software tool suite supports both C or Assembler code insertion within the Visual FIVE environment and stand-alone C compiler and Assembler.
At the C language level, the ANSI standard ensures that compatibility issues are minimised; and at the assembler level the Crossware relocatable assembler is compatible with the porting tool from MicroAPL which converts 68000 assembler code into ColdFire compatible assembler code.
The compiler has an extremely powerful scheduling function for parallel instruction implementation and eliminates the need for software developers to use assembler code.
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