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However, as the finish line continues to move and the industry is faced with ever-smaller devices, aspect ratio measurements appear to be increasingly important.
It is compared that the model with different aspect ratio to cross check the locality of outrigger and got the maximum reduction of displacement & inter-storey drift by placing at 1st outrigger at top and 2nd outrigger at intermediate height of structure.
In Table I, the relationship of the four independent process parameters and the apex diameter, aspect ratio and consuming time is listed, where the tick means a direct relationship and the cross means no relationship.
Moreover, A and B indicate the aspect ratio formula for the trapezoidal structure and rectangle, respectively, as shown in Figure 4(c).
The air change rate enhanced approximately 15% and 50% when the aspect ratio was changed from 5 to 10, and 5 to 20 respectively.
The key element to success with BGA/ PCB interconnects or BGA escape/ routing techniques is to determine the right combination of trace width and space, pad diameter, drill diameter, anti-pad diameter and aspect ratio.
Only minor improvement in flow behavior resulted from reducing the aspect ratio of the runner to 2:1.
Effects of aspect ratio on stresses and deformations of tires Distribution of stresses and deformation in tires is one of the primary properties that could determine many other tire properties and performance, and is greatly affected by aspect ratio.
The data add to a growing body of literature that suggests that aspect ratio, or aneurysm depth to aneurysm neck width, is a reliable measure of predicting aneurysmal ruptures.
For example, many digital cameras have a 4:3 aspect ratio, while a 35mm negative has a 3:2 ratio.
Models based on this mechanism explain why deposition of metal occurs predominantly at the bottom of sub-micrometer dimension trenches and vias, leading to bottom-to-top filling of high aspect ratio features, an essential ingredient of integrated circuit fabrication in today's electronics.