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The pool exhibited a relatively high weighted-average (WA) As-Is Issuance loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 78.2%.
The emotional outbursts, the indifference to your conversation attempts, and the stubborn resistance to change are all forms of communication and her message is clear: She is available to you strictly as-is, so don't look for anything different from her.
REAL ESTATE IS INCLUDED and it is sold As-is with everything in it
It's what Austin homeowners want concerning later-in-life housing issues like: The Truth About Selling As-Is, and Living, Dying & Leaving a Legacy.
A total of 55 closed banks' assets with an aggregate minimum disposal price of P29.9 million is set to be disposed by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) via a public bidding on an "as-is, where is" basis.
The acquisition includes an As-Is phase for approximately 5-12 months.
In Oregon, for instance, the courts generally allow parties to a real estate deal to allocate the risk as to the property by enforcing as-is clauses.
The most suitable and simple prediction equations where the components were expressed in % (as-is basis) were EE = -77.0 + 0.976 x OM with R2 = 0.439; GE, kcal/kg = 3,921 + 52.2 x EE with R2 = 0.324.
Offered on an as-is, where-is basis, the properties were headlined by the Cave B Inn & Spa and 25 adjacent yurts on 31.5 acres of land, as well as the 10-acre Cave B Winery and 269 acres slated for a master-planned resort community.
The solution, built using the FileMaker Pro database engine, can be used 'as-is' or customised to fit specific needs.
The space can be delivered vanilla box or as-is. Divisions to 3,000 s/for the property can be purchased with seller financing.
These rifles are in uncleaned, as-is condition, as found in the Royal Palace of Nepal.