Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

The creation of models that mimic thought processes. See: Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, and Genetic Algorithms.

Artificial Intelligence

Any computer program that seeks to imitate human thought. Artificial intelligence is useful in making some investment decisions because it eliminates emotional trading and is able to make most calculations more quickly and accurately. As a result it is often used in some more complex investment strategies, notably arbitrage.

artificial intelligence

The ability of a computer program to evaluate data and make decisions according to parameters set out in the software. Automated underwriting software is a type of artificial intelligence. The increasingly popular AVM—automated valuation model—uses artificial intelligence and related property data to create appraisals for lenders and for the IRS.

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Jason Hutchens, Chief Scientist, Artificial Intelligence, NV
Since the beginning of 1993, MGIC has adopted a different but complementary approach to artificial intelligence underwriting, involving analysis of actual historical delinquency data.
Scientists long have dreamed that artificial intelligence might someday guide them through the complexities of medical problem solving.
Walker Distinguished Service Award at the annual gathering of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI).
The EPR engine, a breakthrough hybrid artificial intelligence solution, learns to recognize key patterns throughout an organization's email flow, providing exceptional inbound threat protection, as well as outbound content policy management, without time- and cost-intensive human intervention or updating of policies.
This unique search technology features the ability to refine and expand News, Business, and Web results in one interface, with the additional layering of Accoona's Artificial Intelligence Search and SuperTargeting features.
The overall mission of the RoboCup research and education initiative is to foster artificial intelligence and robotics research by providing a standard problem where a wide range of technologies can be examined and integrated.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Music Intelligence Solutions, the leading global provider of artificial intelligence software for music recommendation and discovery, today announced that its new MI Universe technology is being used to power the recently launched Orange music services "New Talents" and "Enjoy your Music" in Spain.
999% of Spam, Through Unique Artificial Intelligence Engine That Recognizes Patterns, Enables Hands-Off Operation
Hands-Off" Operation Achieved Through Advanced Artificial Intelligence Engine, Resulting in Increased Reliability, Lower Costs
This new version incorporates proprietary artificial intelligence technology to analyze ordering patterns and suggest the most appropriate items on the menu for upselling opportunities.

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