articles of incorporation

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Articles of incorporation

Legal document establishing a corporation and its structure and purpose.
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Articles of Incorporation

A document outlining the basic functions of a company. Among other things, it states whether it will be an S Corporation or a C Corporation and how many authorized shares there will be. It also states how its corporate governance and operations will work. A company that seeks to incorporate must file articles of incorporation with the appropriate authority. In the United States, that authority is usually the states and sometimes the federal government. It is also called a corporate charter or simply a charter. See also: Charter Amendment Limitations.
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articles of incorporation

The document that a firm files with state authorities when establishing a corporation. This document contains the firm's name and address, the type and amount of stock to be authorized and issued, the type of business activity, a delineation of corporate powers, and other information. Also called charter, corporate charter.
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The report said that in more than 90% of cases, it took researchers five minutes or less to review articles of incorporation and determine whethAer applicants met the organizational test.
Moreover, since these cumbersome provisions apply only if not "otherwise provided in the articles of incorporation or bylaws," any corporation may impose more stringent requirements for informal action through its bylaws.
ElderTrust's articles of incorporation required it to be operated exclusively for charitable purposes and to acquire, own, maintain and operate hospitals, nursing homes and related health-care facilities, including retirement housing for elderly persons.
The promoter must prepare and submit the Articles of Incorporation ("Teikan") for attestation by a Japanese notary public ("Koshonin").
* Review the company's certificate or articles of incorporation and bylaws to ensure that delisting and/or deregistration is not somehow limited by these documents (requiring a shareholder vote);
The corporation must adopt the relief in its charter or articles of incorporation for the director to obtain statutory protection.
Articles of Incorporation of California Society of Certified Public Accountants
The articles of incorporation for MentorKids USA state that among its purposes is, "To exalt the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the Savior of the World and the head of his church."
ZAP also announced it has filed with the California secretary of state papers to amend and restate its articles of incorporation to adjust its preferred stock issuance rules.
In addition to the power and authority expressly conferred upon it in these bylaws, the Board of Directors shall have the right, responsibility, and authority to exercise all such powers and perform such acts as may be exercised or done by the Association subject to the Statutes of the State of Ohio, provisions of the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the Association.
The affairs of the Foundation shall be managed by a board of directors consisting of eight (8) six (6) directors as set forth in Article 5 6.2(a) through Article 5.2(e) of the Articles of Incorporation as amended, no fewer than two or more than four directors as set forth in Article 5.2(f) of the Articles of Incorporation as amended, eighteen (18) directors as set forth in Articles 56.3 of the Articles of Incorporation as amended, and the duly elected officers, as set forth in Article 56.4 of the Articles of Incorporation as amended.

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