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Title: Don't Give a Gift From the Past Agency: Ogilvy Healthworld Creative Director: Gord Schwab Art Director: Gord Schwab Copywriter: Gord Schwab Product Manager: Melanie De Wildt Client: GlaxoSmithKline
There are similarities between being an art director and being a florist.
Charmingly written by Robert McConnell and whimsically illustrated by Steve Pilcher, the art director for "Shrek 2", Norbert Nipkin is an enchanting, brilliant picturebook following the adventures of little Norbert Nipkin through a fantasy world.
The Journal also won an award of excellence for art director Saskia Rowley's design of an entire issue, the April 2004 issue.
He toured Europe's art scene and found discipline and direction that has molded him into an accomplished artist as well as a strategic marketer of his own talent Milton developed a style that spoke to the spirited culture of New Orleans, which caught the eye of an MTV art director scouting for artwork to dress the set of the Real World when season nine filmed in New Orleans.
The collection began taking shape after William Pajaud started work as an art director and artist in the company's public relations department in May 1957.According to The International Review of African American Art, Pajaud designed advertisements and produced and distributed the company's publications.
Recycling Today art director Karen Angus, who lead the re-design, accepted the award.
McCabe: Our creative teams are made up of copywriters, art directors and a creative team leader--who may also play the role of art director or copywriter within the group when needed.
I've been sent on a mission, along with our firm's art director and account director's father, to fix the press conference.
With Graham and art director Jullanar Barron, they have spent a decade studying, building and creating marketplaces in communities of color.
The contest judges, including an editor and an art director from Scholastic, a science teacher, and a scientist, from NIDA, felt that of the thousands of poster concepts submitted, Ania's offered the most powerful combination of words and image to convey a sense of the dangers posed by drugs to a young person's life.