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The profile of an art buyer, according to field experts, is not of someone who is extremely wealthy with loads of disposable income.
You'd be forgiven for wondering what an art buyer is.
However, acknowledged art connoisseurs still advocate the practice of buying art for love rather than solely for investment purposes as the best approach for any art buyer.
The judges are Conrad Tracy, course leader for the commercial photography degree at Bournemouth's Arts University College; Observer picture editor Greg Whitmore; Stephen Ledger Lomas, art buyer at Mother London; and Lauren Heinz, editor of Foto 8 magazine, along with representatives from War on Want and graphic communications agency Bond and Coyne.
Although not mentioned in the Gardner show, London's Daily Telegraph reported in 2005 that al-Thani, who owns the majority of the surviving macaws, was also the most extravagant art buyer in the world.
With a dedicated art buyer permanently employed atTK Maxx, you can buy original as well as limited edition art.
You'll also find striking new homewares in this season's hottest trend ( red, black and white, as well as original and limited-edition prints, photography, oils and watercolours, sourced by the store's new dedicated art buyer.
Children's nurse Lisa, 29, Mark, a fine art buyer for a London firm, and four-month-old Sebastian will be travelling to London for the big race.
As the art buyer, Helen Dallimore occasionally seemed to be repeating the art dealer role she played last year in "Up for Grabs.
Colle+McVoy has promoted Caroline Cromwell to assistant planner / buyer in the media group, Cathy Leaf to senior account executive in public relations from account executive, Chris Peters to art buyer from assistant art buyer and Elizabeth Pickerill to print production manager from assistant print production manager.
A number have banded together in cooperative galleries, and the benefits to both artist and art buyer are many.
It is now regarded as the world's biggest contemporary art buyer.