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New figures show that between April 2018 and March 2019 there were 1,199 arson incidents in Kirklees - up from 982 the previous year.
The post Breakaway north sees 32 arsons in past 18 months appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Determining whether arson increases when house prices decrease is important given that arson poses significant danger to human life in neighboring properties and the firefighters attempting to extinguish the fires.
The crimes listed in the indictment against the group include the 1996 destruction of the Oakridge Ranger Station, the 2000 arson attempt at the Eugene Police Department's West University Public Safety Station, the fiery destruction of 35 SUVs at a Eugene truck lot in 2001, and the 1998 arson of the Vail ski resort that focused national headlines on the radical environmental movement.
other types of property (such as crops, timber, fences, etc.) accounted for 30.1 percent of reported arsons.
Coun Ed Ruane (Lab, Henley) has spoken out after West Midlands Fire Service figures showed there were a total of 275 incidents of arson in the Henley Ward between July 2010 and June 2011.
A second set of estimates controls for the effect of city size on the quantity of arsons. The number of structures, potential "victims" of arson, is roughly proportional to population.
The number of empty buildings and classrooms set alight and cars torched has plummeted since the West Midlands Arson Task force was set up seven years ago.
After many years of increasing arson losses from a variety of sources in the early 1990s, the number of reported arson fires decreased annually from 85,500 in 1996 to only 31,500 in 2005.
Karen Hughes, arson reduction advocate for the fire service, said: "We have looked specifically at target hardening in areas that are known hot spots for us.
A review of previous descriptive studies found that males held responsibility for 82 percent of the arsons; (7) other findings suggested a ratio of 9 boys to every girl involved in setting fires.
Brigade boss George Herbert said: "Traditionally the service has dealt with the results of arson through responding to fire and identifying the cause of fires after the event."