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ARPS (1)

ARPS (2)

Adjustable-Rate Preferred Stock

A preferred stock paying a dividend that varies from time to time. Usually the dividend rate is the same as the interest rate on a Treasury security, which is adjusted quarterly. They may also be backed by mortgages or mortgage-backed securities. ARPS's tend to have stable prices because a drop in the common share's price is offset by a rise in bonds, and vice versa.
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Arps said he is current on all applicable laws and regulations and is a registered Washington State Bail Bond Agent.
These are followed by a 42-page roundup of the Palomar images from the 1966 atlas, then a similar-length retrospective on Arp, his work, and the redshift controversy.
Although a private letter ruling cannot be cited as a precedent, the logic of this ruling involving CAPs can be used by analogy to analyze and extend the rationale for equity treatment of ARPs and MMPs.
For the Skadden Arps tenant chain, the delays at 4 Times square are so far insignificant, and no one is currently anticipating any scheduling problems.
With the addition of Skadden, Arps, which will begin occupancy in May 2000, more than 1.