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Paris Je T'Aime is a portmanteau film, in which 18 international directors compose a 5 minute postcard - like love story each set in a different arondissement.
63) This defense network contained both rural and urban sections, with units at the "city, arondissement, enterprise, company, [and] administrative" levels--a hierarchical plan that resembled the paramilitary structure in Italy.
We met in a little cafe in Pigalle, in the populous Eighteenth Arondissement of Paris, where Makine has been living for many years.
There were other streets than those of the sixth arondissement.
The Societe des Gens de Lettres, located in the lush Hotel de Massa in the 14th arondissement, defends 'culture' not authors, French publishers can still treat literary agents with contempt (indeed, the latter are barely in business), contracts are scandalously biased in favour of the publisher, and authors rarely know what they are signing: in France they have no one to turn to.