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American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

A labor union for North American musicians. It lobbies and negotiates contracts for better pay and working conditions. It also attempts to protect copyrights for musicians' intellectual property. It was established in 1896 by members of the American Federation of Labor (now the AFL-CIO).

Amman Financial Market

A securities exchange in Jordan. It was established in 1976 and traded in stocks, government and corporate bonds, and negotiable certificates of deposit, among other securities. It was the only exchange in Jordan and was replaced by the Amman Stock Exchange in 1999.
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The companies achieved the areal density of 36 million bits per square inch with linear densities of over 511,000 bits per inch, track densities of over 70,400 tracks per inch and data rates of 173 million bits per second (21.
For the past several years, areal density demonstrations have grown in excess of 100 percent per year.
Hitachi's new areal density demonstration is not only a testament to the resilience of the 50-year-old technology, but it's also a glimpse into the hard drive crystal ball.
The NEXUS-PVD multi-target system is part of Veeco's expanded PVD/ALD product line which respond to the industry's move to high areal density perpendicular recording technology.
It is likely that the rate of increase for magnetic disk areal density will start to drop below historical rates annually, due to the greater difficulty in making the new technology work.
that show a doubling of areal density to over 12Gbits/[inch.
The highest areal density currently in the marketplace is just over 3 GB/square inch which means that products with StorMedia's 4 gigabit technology will start appearing in 1998.
It has an areal density of 30Gbit per square inch, and a low power consumption level of 11 watts.
They adopted it for their own needs in order to increase the areal density of their digital tape media.
Increasing areal density of newer magnetic hard disk drives requires a more robust error correction code (ECC), and this can be more efficiently applied to 4096 byte sector lengths," explained Dr.
Engineers at companies like IBM continue to increase the areal density (the amount of data that can be stored in a given amount of physical space) of magnetic platters to the point where projections indicate a few dollars per gigabyte in several years.