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As expected, today's Arab money has the capacity to influence Turkish foreign policy.
The reason was that the US initiative was solely to serve its interests using Arab money.
I hope you haven't become one of those green-eyed monsters who would have preferred the Arab money to have gone to a team you support.
With that Arab money, mostly the Saudi riyal, the American strategists laid out a chain of seminaries in Pakistan to produce the fanatics for their proxy war in Afghanistan.
If the Syrian rebels, who are being trained by the Americans and receiving American and Gulf Arab money and more advanced weapons, mount an offensive in spring against Damascus, the party will find itself in the forefront of the battle.
Information Minister: Syria is facing US aggressionA' with Arab, regional funds Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi stressed that Syria confronts a US aggression funded by Arab money and regional tools which aims at protecting Israel's interests and insure its security.
The new planning minister, Ashraf al-Arabi, said the Arab money would be enough to sustain Egypt through its transition period and it did not need to restart talks with the International Monetary Fund.
This has prompted MasterCard to choose the Egyptian market to "introduce new [products and services] and bring new solutions to the market, such as the first Arab money eco-system," Meibach said, referring to Felous.
The meeting focuses on required measures to bolster the independence and upgrade the performance of judiciary institutions in the Arab world to protect personal rights and freedoms, fight corruption and restore the illicitly gained Arab money," Al-Arabi said.
Meanwhile, political stability in the UAE during violent uprisings around the Middle East has also attracted Arab money to Dubai.
Meanwhile, the UAE stability during violent uprisings around the Middle East has attracted Arab money to Dubai.
A secure environment is the key to investment and while Arab money continues to come in under the aegis of the 2011 Arab "rescue plan", investment from elsewhere is down to a trickle.
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