acceptable quality level

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Acceptable Quality Level

The maximum number of defects a product can have to be deemed acceptable to sell to wholesalers or retailers. The acceptable quality level is important in the quality control of a product, especially when it is mass-produced.

acceptable quality level (AQL)

an agreed standard for error-free products. AQLs are often denoted as a percentage, the lower the percentage agreed for errors then the fewer defects allowed in the final product. AQLs are typically applied also to the supply of raw material and components and penalty clauses are incorporated into supply contracts to minimize defective inputs. See ACCEPTANCE SAMPLING, QUALITY CONTROL.
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Using 27 Aql as your starting point, slide 5[degrees] 34' to the southwest, in search of B139.
Four telescopes have been used to observe V1413 Aql during this time: a 40cm f5 Newtonian reflector, a 45cm F4.
If the aql value is below the position of min threshold, no packets can drop, and therefore [D.
AQL, based in Alabama, is focused on outsourced third-party processing, mainly of chicken products, while SQM in Mississippi processes pork sausages.
In a related announcement, Steven Mannino, formerly the president of Radial Images, has joined AQL as sales manager and will cultivate and grow its expanding customer base.
Telecomms and mobile messaging provider aql announced on Monday (24 July) that it is the UK's first VoIP infrastructure provider to allow customers to send and receive free text messages over its VoIP network and has opened up its network to receive text messages from other VoIP providers.
The process or product and the AQL will guide you to one of three inspection processes.
Firms using these tools and concepts to develop employee skills and eliminate root causes of defects are categorized as TQM, while firms using mass inspection to detect and halt shipment of defective products are AQL firms.
The AQL will likely be carried aboard the EH-60A helicopter.
BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / The Palestinian Ambassador in Iraq Ahmed Aql called on all parties to preserve the rights of Palestinians in Iraq.
In this context, the Patriarch contacted Mufti of the Republic Sheikh Abdul-Latif Derian; Islamic Supreme Shiite Council Head Sheikh Abdul-Amir Qabalan; Druze Sheikh Aql Naim Hasan; Islamic Supreme Council Charge d'Affaires Sheikh Mohammed Asfour, and Mufti of Tripoli Sheikh Malik al-Sha'ar, congratulating them on the Adha Feast.