acceptable quality level

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Acceptable Quality Level

The maximum number of defects a product can have to be deemed acceptable to sell to wholesalers or retailers. The acceptable quality level is important in the quality control of a product, especially when it is mass-produced.
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acceptable quality level (AQL)

an agreed standard for error-free products. AQLs are often denoted as a percentage, the lower the percentage agreed for errors then the fewer defects allowed in the final product. AQLs are typically applied also to the supply of raw material and components and penalty clauses are incorporated into supply contracts to minimize defective inputs. See ACCEPTANCE SAMPLING, QUALITY CONTROL.
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If the number of failed samples from the first set is more than the AQL prescribed acceptance number but less than the prescribed rejection number, the DAO allows the applicant to undertake any of the options specified like request for retesting of the second set of samples or undertake corrective measures.
Using 27 Aql as your starting point, slide 5[degrees] 34' to the southwest, in search of B139.
Performance Standards and Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)
Four telescopes have been used to observe V1413 Aql during this time: a 40cm f5 Newtonian reflector, a 45cm F4.5 Newtonian reflector, a 35cm SCT and a 51cm F4 Newtonian reflector, which was used to observe the 2011 eclipse.
2) At a particular time, the RED's congestion measure (aql) value may be below the value of minimum threshold position at the router buffer (min threshold).
Instead numbers can be ported into the aql 'cloud' and moved away from the existing network onto another fixed line service, IP telephone service or mobile handset.
He added that Aql had admitted he had been paid LE40,000 (around $6,000) by a security official to kill Abou Lafi.
aims to convert AQL and SQM in top providers of processing services across the US, Richard Stokes of H.I.G.
(Ganope) since it was established in 2003, Aql is an engineer who until then was a prominent deputy chairman of EGPC.
(2) Judith Tucker notes, however, that although some Hanafi jurists say that women are not deficient in rationality ('aql), they assert that they are unable to remember as well as men; she characterizes this as "a somewhat contradictory moment." (3) In this article, I contextualize the jurists' discourse on women as judges and witnesses by examining it diachronically, highlighting prominent arguments as they develop through time.
PNN exclusive / Maisa Abu Ghazaleh - The Egyptian ambassador to Palestine, Ashraf Aql, pledged his solidarity with the hundreds of families being deported from East Jerusalem.The occupying Israeli administration is continuing with its cleansing policy of the Silwan neighborhood and specifically the Al Bustan area.
AQL Decorating Company has acquired the operational assets of Radial Images, a bottle, jar and closure decorating company locatedin Cinnaminsan, NJ.