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5 103 square metres of residential premises and all land appurtenant thereto known as 9 Hazelwell Lane, Stirchley, Birmingham B30 2PR together with half width of highway known as Hazelwell Lane.
together with the common areas, land and appurtenant buildings thereto:' Under this definition, the court found the coach house clearly to be part of the landlord's dwelling unit, as the coach house is appurtenant to the building where Toy lives and is located at the same address.
Contract notice: Implementation Of A Hydraulic Characterization Study Of The Role Of The Railway Nantes / Angers And Its Appurtenant Structures In The Loire Protection Against Floods
Tenders are invited for demolition and delivery of the existing 12" hdpe rw pipe and appurtenant items.
Tenders are invited for work includes phase 1: approx 55 miles of pipeline, 2" to 6", installation of mater meter stations, crossings, connections, meters, valves and miscellaneous appurtenant work.
Payment for the various items of the Schedule of Prices, as further specified herein, shall include all compensation to be received by the CONTRACTOR for furnishing all tools, equipment, supplies, and manufactured articles, labor, operations, permit fees, licenses, taxes, insurances, bonds, overhead and retrofit, and incidental appurtenant to the items of work being described, as necessary to complete the various items of the work all in accordance with the requirements of the Contract Documents including all appurtenances thereto, and including all costs of compliance with the regulations of public agencies having jurisdiction, including Safety and Health Administration of the U.
Tenders are invited for The work consists of construction of a new 1,000 GPM State-approved water well with a submersible well pump and motor, motor monitor, variable frequency drive motor starter, conductors from motor starter to well pump motor, wellhead and all other work appurtenant thereto.
Tenders are invited for install 255 lf of underground 24" pipe for chlorine contact segment and appurtenant piping, fittings, and valves.
Tenders are invited for install 255 lf of underground 24 pipe for chlorine contact segment and appurtenant piping, fittings, and valves.
Servicing and repairs of sewage networks (Eu), blackwater (EV), rainwater (EP) with guaranteed sales to the public sewer ducts empty garbage (VO) and appurtenant structures with guaranteed unblocking and removal pumps belonging to the DPO wealth Drancy and coproprits.