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Approved list

A list of equities and other investments that a financial institution or mutual fund is allowed to invest in. See: Legal list.

Approved List

A list of companies and other investments in which certain organizations like state-chartered banks, insurance companies, and pensions are allowed to invest. The components of approved lists vary from state to state, but most approved lists contain low-risk, low-return investments designed to maintain the organizations' sustainability and protect the principal placed in them. An approved list is also called a legal list.

approved list

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The Consortium is an association of NHS Trusts that, on the behalf of its members, manages approved lists of contractors and consultants for services related to both construction and maintenance.
In this system, workers pay a nominal fee for generic drugs (usually about $5), a higher fee for the insurer's preferred brand-name drugs (usually $10 to $15) and an even higher fee for brand-name drugs not on insurers' approved lists ($25 or more).
These approved lists allowed integrity to be factored in, and an industry with credibility thus began to emerge.
In addition, the WBCA provides for the development of three approved lists for which no WBCA permit is required.

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